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From  kirqpf7, Tales From Retail:

I work in a shoe store where our return policy is 60 days and the shoes can't have been worn. However, if the shoe has a manufacturers defect we allow exchanges and returns. After 60 days the return has to be put on a merchandise card (basically a gift card). Our managers are kinda forced to be pushovers because if we get a complaint against our store my GM has the call the Vice President of the company to explain why, so we will pretty much return any damaged shoe.

So a few days ago this lady came in with some shoes that she had purchased on December 10th. They had obviously been worn, but there was a seam on the shoe that was tearing. I offered her an exchange and she refused, so I told her that the return was going to be put on a merchandise card as it was past the 60 days.

Lady: Why do you have to put it on a merchandise card? The shoes are obviously damaged and were only worn a couple times. It's not like I'm returning them because I just didn't like them.

At this point I preemptively called my manager up because I could tell that that's where it was going. I explained the situation to her and she explained the return policy again.

Manager: I'm sorry, the registers won't even let us process it another way. You can do an exchange, but otherwise it has to go on the merchandise credit.

Lady: So what you're saying is after I spend this merchandise card I'm never coming back here again.

Manager: I'm sorry, ma'am.

Lady: No, it's okay. I'll just tell all of my friends about this and make sure they never come here either.

We were all silent until she left with her merchandise card and then my manager and I rolled our eyes. What that lady doesn't realize is we don't want her nasty attitude in our store anyway.

tl;dr: Lady wants a refund and then threatens to never return.

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I had someone threaten to "tell all his friends" once. My response "so you're going to tell all your friends that you're mad because we're holding you to the contract you signed?" I wasn't too worried. I doubt if he had that many friends. lol


When I was in AOhelL I had someone threaten to tell all his 'thousands of friends' to stop using AOL. I muted him while he neeped that I wouldn't give him free time and said in a Willy Wonka style deadpan, "No, don't. Stop." My boss was listening to the call from the next desk and cracked up. :D

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