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From monkcarter98, Tales From Retail:

So I work in a large retail store that many people use as a grocery store (we sell pretty much everything). And I’m not going to lie, I absolutely love the customers who bag their own things. It’s so much more time efficient especially when it’s busy for me to just scan things instead of trying to fit their hundred items in their two bags.

Anyways, so I had one of those wtf moments when a mom of three kids (kids looked between ages of 11 and 15) come to my long line with a cart completely filled to the brim with groceries.

To make it easier, C will be used for “customer”

So the lady had her own bags, and in typical customer fashion, throws them at me as she starts unloading her cart (and when I say throws I mean it I don’t get what’s wrong with these people on the end of town where my store is but they’re real a*holes).

So I set the bags on the little table part of the register and get to scanning. I usually start bagging midway because I get the bigger items first to put in the bags.

But I noticed the young teens were bagging the groceries and I thought finally, a family like my own (my mother would have thrown a fit against me if I didn’t bag the groceries).

I smiled at them and continued on ringing it up.

Finally C looks up from her phone (for the first time since she got to the register) and sees her kids bagging. Her face frowns and I sht you not a look of disgust is on her face.

C: “What are you three doing?”

One of the kids: “were bagging?”

C: “Don’t bother. It’s HER job. Make HER do it. You don’t have to do anything.”

I sat there stunned for a moment because she said it so harshly and the way she said “her” was so condescending. Like b*tch I don’t HAVE to bag your things. It’s not in my job description. I usually do it to help out but I’m not forced to.

So just because I was irked I made a special point to thank the kids. Me: “thank you guys I really appreciate it. It really helps me speed things up when I get some help from people” I glanced at the mom but she was nose deep in her phone again.

So I decided to take my time. I scanned one item and then placed it in the bag taking as much time as I could without pissing off the others in line off. I tried to brush it off and even said “have a nice day” to her but she was still nose deep in her phone and just walked away.

The kicker was she left her bags on the table and I call her over and she yelled at me for not putting them in her cart. Thankfully, the other customers in line called her out on being on her phone and how it was rude.

She yelled “mind your own business” and left.

Some people suck.












McHell Manager

I have said it here before (I think, either that I said it on NAR), but it is totally a regional thing of cashiers bagging things. I totally get that this lady was horrendously rude and I am not condoning her actions at all, but if I ever tried bagging items for my cashiers, that would be a serious breach of Personal Bubble and security. The only thing I could think of, aside from her just being a plain ol' bitch, is that she's from a place where cashiers bag for themselves like my area, and thinks it's the norm. Hell, I thought it was the norm until I was 25ish.

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