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From raider2518, Tales From Retail:

I work at a paint and carpet company, and part of my job is visiting people's homes to measure their windows for custom window treatments. This happened last week at my most recent house call.

I measured one window over stairs, which was inconvenient because I have to work around the stairs. The customer, let's call her Jill, mentioned how difficult it is to wash that window due to its location. So difficult, in fact, that the window hasn’t been washed in years. I agreed with her, considering I was barely able to get proper measurements because of the awkward angle. After commiserating with her for a few more minutes, I finished up the appointment and sent her a quote for the new shade later that day.

The next day (my day off) she stops in to drop off a check and a check to order the shade. But, she had written on the contract “[signed] with the understanding that the windows are cleaned when the installation takes place.” OK first problem: as a general rule, our installers don't wash windows. Second problem: even if they did, a customer can't just write in an extra line item on a contract and expect to not be charged for extra labor. Third problem: windows? Plural? What other window(s) is she even talking about?

So, when I got back to work the next day I called Jill to tell her that no, our installers will not wash her window since that's not part of his job. I didn’t even get to the other parts before she says, in a supremely pissed off tone, “Well then I'm not ordering. Send me my check back.”

Looking back on it I think she was trying to call my bluff and make me cave so that I wouldn't lose her order. Sorry lady, I regularly deal with multiple thousand dollar orders, so your $600 window treatment on a window I couldn't even measure properly is not exactly essential. Without remorse, I said “alright then have a good day,” and I hung up.

Some people.









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