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Newbie Narratives: Run-away Shoplifter



 SaekDasu, Tales From Retail:

I just recently started in retail and your not-so-average grocery store and after being hired to stock shelves, I got claimed by the E-Commerce department because they liked me. I have no qualms with this at all as this department is considered one of the easiest in the store, but it isn't at all during the day. Anyways, this tale happened a week ago and has since blown over.

So here I am, walking back from my break along front-end to go back to our department.

notices lady looking nervous heading to me

Me: Hi how are you today ma'am?

C: I'm good, I'm okay. where are the phone chargers in a rushed voice

Me: we actually have a display that you walked right past back towards the self-checkout! I can show you if you need help!

C: that's okay I'm good!

It was then that C ran off into the baby aisle completely ignoring the phone charger display a few feet away. Now as this is going on I just think of it as odd and move on with my day.

Next thing I know, 3 policed officers are walking in, 1 being a buddy of mine. So i flag him down and ask him whats up.

Me: Hey Joe! what brings you here?

J: oh you know just the usual. following shoplifters from store to store.

Me: What?

J: yeah, apparently a lady just decided to take what she wanted from the hobby store and then she came up here so we are going to do a sweep of the store.

Me: well good luck man. I don't know what she would have wanted from hobby store though!

J: me neither but oh well.

Anyways, next thing I know as I get ready to work on some orders, I see the crazy phone charger lady in handcuffs on the floor in the freezer section. all in all, she stole around $300 of stuff from a hobby store, had thrown it in the back of her beat up truck, and then tried to hide in our store to evade police.

I still question today why she asked about the phone chargers though...

-- SaekDasu







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