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From cabbage_patch_cunt, Tales From Retail:

Jewelry store girl here, but with a tale from my husband (henceforth called DH). He’s an assistant manager at a clothing store in our mall and had a visual update to do at 6am. Our mall opens at 1pm for reference.

At 12:55 he heard the front gate rattle. He had pulled it up about 2 feet off the ground to signify that they weren’t open, yet, but were opening soon. Angry Lady (AL) was on the other side.

AL: Y’all open?!

DH: Nah, we only want people that tall to walk in. (AL’s husband laughs)

AL: I meant what time y’all open?

DH: at 1

AL: you got 5 minutes.

AL proceeds to announce how much time they have until they open in a manner such as “YA GOT TWO MINUTES!!” every 2 minutes.

At 1, his store manager turns the music on and he is walking up to the gate to open the store. As he’s walking up, AL shouts “ITS 1!!!! WHEN YA GONNA OPEN?!?!”

AL’s husband: “I’d make her wait 5 more minutes” (Yes, he really said that)

DH: I’m thinking about it man.

AL storms off into the store as DH opens the gate and her husband apologizes to DH.

DH clocks out about 10 minutes later, so nothing else.









I'd have made her wait too...And she probably fucked off without buying anything ,too...


Limbo day sale. You don't get in unless you can Limbo.

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