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Anyone who works in retail can tell you that kids are sometimes the most obnoxious customers of all, usually due to parents being terrible at parenting.

Not these kids. One was probably 12 and the other was about 9.

The 12 year old was getting a rat and had done tons of research on them.

She was insisting to her parents that her new buddy needed the huge 3-story rat cage rather than one of the tiny hamster cages. She had me show her the best food, hides, chews, etc. The rats loved her. She got all the supplies and decided to set everything up first and then come back for the rat so he wouldn’t be stressed out in the carrier for too long.

The 9 year old girl came in with her mom.

They were pushing a ten gallon tank around in the cart and so I offered to help them with anything else. This girl showed me a *fifteen* page document she had printed off the internet on betta fish care.

We walked around and got all of her supplies. She was telling her mom all about the betta fish care, and her patient mother bought everything her daughter and I pointed out, and even asked a few care questions herself.

You guys rocked!




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