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Male Customer: Can you show me where the calci sand is?

Me, a girl: Sure! But first can I ask what you’re going to keep on it?

Customer: a bearded dragon.

Me: Alright, unfortunately calci sand, and other loose substrates, have a history of causing impaction in reptiles. 

Customer: ?? What’s that??? 

Me: You know how when sand gets wet it clumps together? Imagine that happening inside your babies tummy! Then he can’t pass anything, and there’s a high risk of them dying. How about I show you some other substrate options? 

Customer: No, that’s wrong. The guy at the other petstore said calci sand was the best!

Me: … uh he might have been confused. I have a few reptiles at home and have done lots of research on this. I can recommend you to some forums, if you would like?

Customer: No! The man at the other store said this was a good option, and I trust him





Good God, how sexist can a customer be?


However much you think it is, it's worse than that.

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