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From echeverialola, TalesFromRetail

I got hired as a manager with a local pet store about three years ago now. I left my previous company because they were content leaving me where I was, and this new store was willing to promote me and give me a decent wage increase. This meant that I had to deal with those unpleasant customers more thoroughly, instead of doing what I can and sending them to my supervisor.

Anyway, about eight months in, my cashier answers a call with a complaint and an inquiry regarding our return policy. My cashier tries to answer the questions, and after a couple minutes, she looks absolutely miserable and I offer to take over.

The woman on the phone (affectionately known as Crazy Stroller Lady or CSL) had purchased a dog stroller from us for her little yorkie with arthritis. CSL claimed to have purchased it within the last week (our records showed that particular SKU had last been purchased a month prior, but whatever). CSL's problem with the stroller was that she found white fur on the seat of this stroller (her Yorkie was a golden/light brown color) and therefore the stroller must have been used by someone else. CSL absolutely needed a new stroller for an event she was hosting that night.

I told her that it was no problem and I could return it for her when she got here.

CSL then became incensed at that suggestion, and demanded to know how it was possible for her to have bought a used stroller and how dare I sell a used one. I, being the inventory manager, explained that if we do process returns for items that are perfectly fine, my cashiers put a discount sticker that makes it known the item was returned before and that the item was final sale. I personally have to add them back into our inventory and so I personally guarantee the label is on the package and the item is put on the floor.

I told her that the stroller she had bought had not gone through that process because it had not been returned. The stroller she purchased had a white fuzzy* seat, but if she was still unsatisfied, I'd be happy to exchange her stroller for a different one.

She said that would be nice, and that she would be waiting for the Uber I was sure to send over.


CSL: I need you to send me an Uber so I can get an acceptable stroller.

ME: Unfortunately, I cannot pay for an Uber ride. I'd only be able to allow the exchange.

CSL: What do you mean? You guys have a company credit card! I know you do. Just send over an Uber!

ME: We can only use the company credit card for animal veterinary fees. I can't use it to get you a ride.

CSL: That's ridiculous! Well... I want to speak to the manager!

ME: I am the manager.

At this point she completely changes her demeanor and starts repeating everything that she had just told me. I remind her that I am aware of her situation, and that I cannot pay for her Uber. After three minutes of going back and forth, she finally ends the call by telling me that I am "a certified bitch" and that she was reporting me to the district manager.

She called the district manager. And customer service. They both told her the same thing. My district manager said that I was already doing her a favor by offering to approve an exchange for a different stroller brand that would require I adjust the price down by ~$20, and that after speaking with multiple parties, he would no longer approve such an exchange or return.

*The seat had a synthetic hair/fur cover to add comfort (???) to the seat.







Taxi, bus, call your own damn uber....


Or just ride your broom...


Sure, lady. I"ll get right on that Uber for you. Do me a favor and hold your breath till it gets there, OK?

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