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PethellFrom dumbpetstorecustomersjustpetstorethings

Couple comes in asking about dog’s skin allergies. They say no medication has worked so far. They are clearly invested in the dog’s wellbeing and care about making him feel better.

I ask and find out dog is eating Ol’ Roy, one of the lowest quality crappiest dog food brands on the market. Basically a sack of corn and food dye.

I explain the probable cause of the dog itching so much that his fur is falling out is likely the food dye, corn, wheat, and soy in the food.

I show them a food we sell that is devoid of corn, wheat, soy, or dye. This food is less than a dollar per pound. I explain that the dog will have to eat less on this food since it’s denser, better, nutrition. This means the cost will probably even out and not be too much more expensive than what they are currently feeding.

I explain that changing the food will probably keep them from having to buy any more medication.

They exclaim it is too expensive.

They proceed to spend $80 on more medication.

Why ask for help and advice if you’re going to ignore it and keep doing the same thing to the detriment of your pet (and your finances)?





"ASKHOLE" : A person who constantly asks for your advice, yet always does the opposite of what you told them."

McHell Manager

When I married my husband, he lived with his aunt, who had a cat. She essentially neglected the cat, only feeding/watering her when she remembered and didn't pay attention to her at all; and fed her the biggest, cheapest bag of food she could find. After we got married, we moved in together and the cat came with us. When I first took her in, she was 4 pounds (A tiny cat, so 4 pounds isn't too bad), and had wirey, sparse hair; she also puked up her food a LOT. I switched her over to my brand of food, which isn't the super awesome best quality out there, but by far, higher than what she was being fed. She's since gained a pound and has nice, smooth, shiny hair. She still pukes up her food every now and then, but the frequency of it has drastically decreased. It's amazing what the difference in food can do.

Kai Lowell

It really is surprising what a good food can do. All four of my cats had absolutely horrible-looking coats when I got them, and one had the very same horking-everything-up problem. They're now on a decent mid-range food (I'd go more expensive IF I could afford it) and they all look bloody gorgeous and are in excellent health. The puker still does the thing every so often, but that's partly down to gorging herself (I have a setup where she can't do that all that often, but she'll still manage occasionally, usually after the eleven year old Maine Coon has been in pushing all the food into neat little piles) and she does have some minor food allergies that occasionally flare. I unfortunately cannot put her on a food that doesn't contain any of her allergens, so the best I can do is minimize them.


Our late golden Buddy ate the fancy bag of dog food from the garden store that was about $20.00-$30.00 for one bag. However, he ate the cheap Alpo canned food and lived for 15 years. I think if we bought him that crummy bagged food, he wouldn't have lived so long and his coat would be a mess. It's important what you feed your pets.

Tech Support Survivor

Twitch. Take care of your animals. A nice grain free kibble isn't going to break the bank. I get a 5 pound bag for 20$. Lasts like 6 weeks.

I feel sorry for your kitty McHell, she might have been stunted by the aunt. Glad you were able to give her a better life.

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