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From K9Trainer

One girl the other day asked if she could see a Yorkie puppy.

When I said "Sure, I just have to hold your ID while the dog is out of the kennel," she changed her tune.

Suddenly and out of the blue sucking her teeth and yelling, "NEVERMIND, I DIDN'T WANT THAT NASTY DOG ANY. WAY. LOOK, IT'S DEAD. IT'S DEAD!"

I said, "Ma'am, please lower your voice. If the dog was dead, do you really think I would have offered to bring it out to you?"

So then she says, "See, why you gotta be smart? That's why I hate smart people. Tryna be smart all the damn time. I'ma go another pet store."

Of course I'm thinking omg, please, yes go, I'll give you the directions.

Then she goes back to the fish guy and tells on me to the fish guy, telling him, "There's a dead dog back there and that girl is rude and won't do anything about it!"

J, the fish guy, said, "I doubt it's dead."

The girl just talked over him saying, "It is! It is dead! It drowned in it's water bowl, it's dead!"

J said, "Since they don't have water bowls, it's highly unlikely that it drowned, but I'll go see," so the girl and her 10 companions walk back over to the kennel with him, he wakes the sleeping puppy up to show them it's not dead.

When the girl sees this she completely changes her tune from dead dogs to, "That girl is racist. That's why she wants my ID. She just racist. She don't think I can afford that dog 'cause she racist."

Despite the words, HAVE STATE ISSUED ID READY TO SEE PUPPY - NO EXCEPTIONS written in bright red paint 10 inches tall across the kennel window.






Ever notice that the ones that shriek about you 'being smart' or 'tryna be smart'...arent?

Kai Lowell

Better to keep your mouth shut and look stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

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