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Pharmacy Hell: "Do you want to see my rashes?"


Carolanne 023

From  frayedpages, Tales From Retail:

I work in a retail pharmacy.... in the retail section. On Sunday, an older woman comes in and asks me to help her find a shampoo that is good for sensitive skin. She tells me all about her skin conditions that she recently developed. Lifts her hair a little to show me the psoriasis on her scalp. Uh.

We can't find anything on the shelf, so we go to a computer to try to find an option. While I'm searching, she's telling me about her trips to the allergist and dermatologists. Suddenly, she pulls out her phone and says, "Do you want to see my rashes?"

Before I even have a chance to respond, she starts going through her gallery, showing me pictures of her bare back and undercarriage. She even told me she took those pictures after a shower.

I just tried to be polite and help her the best I could, agreeing that the rashes were, indeed, awful. But, uh, I could have really gone without seeing all that.

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Misty Meanor

Get the brain bleach!

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