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Retail Balls: Store Manager Unleashes on Monstrous Customer



Always awesome to see a store manager take down a monstrous customer....

From CaptainOso06, Tales From Retail:

I work in a high end retail store as a Co-Manager where you pretty much have to dry clean any of our clothes. I was opening that morning with my store manager. So I get a customer who comes in and tries to make a return because the item is “defective.” I’ll use C for customer and M for me

M - Hello sir, how can I help you?

C - I’d like to return this shirt, it shrunk and the seam is damaged.

I proceeded to inspect the item which was clearly worn and with a stain on it and they probably tried to wash it out with a regular machine. It was also missing the tags inside the shirt so I’m in no way going to accept it.

M - Sir I’m sorry but unfortunately I cannot take this item back as this item is defective and seems to be worn.

C - What the F*** you mean? You guys sold me a piece of S*** and now you won’t take it back?

M - [proceed to show policy on receipt] Sir it’s on our policy, there’s nothing else I can do. In order for us to give you a return the item must be brand new with tags on them.

C - Well F*** you I want corporate’s number because I’m going to report you and I’ll get my way.

M - No problem sir I’ll get you the number right away.

So here I am getting him the number while he’s still complaining, cursing and making a scene. Being in retail long enough you learn that this isn’t anything new and you just have to shrug it off, but wait! So my Store Manager happened to overhear everything and noticed that he was being rude and disrespectful and proceeds to do the following. I’ll use SM for her.

SM - [Grabs shirt and puts it down in front of the customer] “Sir... take your shirt and get the F*** out of my store (pointing at the exit)

C- [Shocked] F*** you b**** you don’t tell me what to do [grabbing shirt and putting it back in the bag.]

SM - You have been very rude in front of the customers and my staff so get the F*** out right now.

M - [Looking at my boss like she’s a goddess with tears of joy (exaggeration) lol]

The man keeps complaining as he walks out the store and we never heard from him again. It’s nice to know that there’s bosses out there that won’t allow customers to get what they want just because they’re throwing tantrums.







Misty Meanor

We need more bosses like you!

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