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From skyyvodkahugs, Tales From Retail:

So I work in a shoe store and where it’s inside a mall, it’s not exactly big, but we do carry a lot of different brands!

We were having a slow evening after Christmas. I was thankful for how slow it was because I actually came right there from getting off from my other job that I do during the day.

I’m helping an elderly (but friendly) lady try on a winter boot, when this woman across the store (I can’t even ponder a guess at her age but if I had to I would say 20-30) came over ultimately interrupting me, and this happens:

Woman: listen.. sorry to bother you..

Me: it’s no bother my dear what can I help you with?

Woman: well I really wanted this winter boot in size 9.5

Me: oh unfortunately we don’t carry the half sizes in that brand, but I can bring you both 9 and 10 so you can see which one feels better!

-tries to take boot from her so I can bring it to the back and find it-

Woman: -holds boot tightly and won’t let me take it- uhhh no.. it’s okay don’t bother

Me: I.. really don’t mind grabbing you those 2 sizes.. one of them might end up being fine!

Woman: no you see, I just tried this boot on at [different shoe store] and their 9.5 fit me perfectly.. I was just hoping you had that size in the pink and gray boot. I’m pretty bummed out about this actually (She scoffs) I REALLY didn’t think that was too much to ask....

Me: well.. I’m sorry about that.. but if you like I can still bring the other 2 out, or I can see if we can order those ones in a 9.5 for you. We just don’t carry the half sizes for that brand in the store.

Woman starts walking out all huffy and puffy

Woman: no. Forget it. Obviously it’s way too much trouble for you to go find me a damn boot. I really hope the rest of your night goes better than mine!

I shrug this off as I had been verbally assaulted by customers regularly over Christmas. and the lady I was previously helping consoled me a little bit as she had watched this whole thing happen.

I thought it was behind me until a few days after this when I arrive at the shoe store again. My manager greeted me with the story about how this woman had called that morning and made a formal complaint about me!

I slightly panicked and told manager everything that happened and manager nodded and said “yes that’s pretty much exactly what the woman told me. See, she thought you were lying about not carrying the half sizes in that brand because you didn’t wanna go look for it, but why would you lie about that if you were offering to get the other sizes? Everyone here works on commission and why would they lie about what we have and turn down sales? Anyways, she was made aware that you definitely didn’t do anything wrong.”

The holiday season brings out all the crazies obviously.










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