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From  vaclemens678, Tales From Retail:

One Halloween, during my time as a manager at [office supply store], I decided to be a bit rebellious. Per my district manager's instructions, we were not allowed to wear costumes or accessories of any sort, even with the normal polo. So, once my store manager left, I made new name tags for myself and the staff. I was The Doctor, coworker was Lord Voldemort, and cashier was Michael Jackson.

We were getting on towards close, perhaps around 8:45 (we closed at 9), when in walks Ms. I Need to Pick Up an Online Order for my Mom. Welp, our online order/pick up in store system wasn't great, to say the least. Sometimes, it would take up to an hour for the order to populate, and we could not give the customer their item until the order populated, we printed it, and the customer signed for it, regardless of whether or not it was prepaid. This, of course, happened this spooky night. Daughter/Customer was cool about it, and agreed to hang out for a few minutes to see if the order popped up before close. Shocker: it didn't. Mom had apparently just placed the order right before her daughter headed down.

I tell her that I need to close up, and that she can pick up the order in the morning. She's not sure if that's okay, so she calls mom. Mom, unsurprisingly, loses it. I can hear mom scream through the phone: "WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES?! I WANT NAMES!"

Daughter: "Well, I'm here with The Doctor, Lord Voldemort, and Michael Jackson..."

Priceless. Daughter leaves without mom's order, mom still screaming through the phone, probably because she couldn't get our real names to "get us fired" or whatever.

-- vaclemens678








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