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From preciouspiper, Tales From Retail:

I've been in retail/customer service for a good eleven years. Last year I started my current job at a big retailer. I worked on the kids register yesterday, and that's also where the main phone calls come in. I had a line of customers ready to check out but I have to pick up the phone when it rings. So, I picked it up hoping this would be a quick call --as usual. ROL will be Rambling Old Lady.

Me: -Retailers name- Children's. This is Piper.

ROL: Yes honey, I need you to order me something from your online register and send it to me. I have my credit card here and ready to give you.

Me: Oh, I'm sorry ma'am. I cannot take credit card information over the phone. I'll have to have you in person here.

ROL: Oh no honey, you don't understand. I want to use my credit card so I can order something and I am here on the phone with you so you WILL take my credit card because I need to order. You see, I'm old and I live all the way there and I really need it so you have to take it.

Me: Ma'am- (I am trying to explain her I can only take an order over the phone if she wants to use her retailer's credit card)

ROL: No listen honey (cringes every time when she calls me honey) I NEED to order. Look, I was once an employee at your retailer. And I was the highest of the highest sales person there!! I made SUCH good SALES and I've been to Florida, and Georgia and they would ALWAYS let me order over the phone.

Me: Yes ma'am, I fully understand-

ROL: Good, so you will take my order! Honey, I seen it under the tab home and..-rambles while I just sigh and take the phone off my ear for a second, trying to figure out whether to involve a manager in this-

Me: Ma'am? What credit card will you use? I can only take-

ROL: My debit card, of course!!

Me: ...I unfortunately can only take orders via phone if you will be using the store credit card.


Me: I'm sorry, but this is purely to protect you and it's store policies. Again, I can not take credit card information over the phone.

ROL: I just told you I was always able to do that at multiple stores!!

In the meantime, I paged a manager over who also confirmed what I was saying. ROL keeps rambling on how much of an important person she used to be within the company many years ago and rambling about the same things over and over again. This is kind of a short summary of the whole convo, that - I'm not kidding- took a good fifteen minutes.

I just had to end the convo, because it was going nowhere. I told her I could be no help, because we do not accept credit cards over the phone unless they are the store credit card and that I was very sorry and if she maybe had a daughter, son or grand children who were able to order it online for her.














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