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Retail Hell Memories: You can’t return something you don’t have with you



From  Quickbrownkitten, Tales From Retail:

Happened a while ago but I figured I’d post it. Anyway, a lady comes into my store to do a return. I give her my usual “I can hold this up here if you want to look around some”. She waves her hand at me and tells me no just the return today. So everything is fine, she has the item, she has the receipt.

The following convo went something like this:

Me-me L-lady Come-coworker I forgot the amounts so I put in random charges to avoid some confusion

Me: So we will put $5 back on your card today

L: that’s not right it should be $8

Me: Well the item is $5 on the receipt

L: Yes, that’s why it should be $8.

Me: confused but item is $5 so you’ll be getting $5 back.

L: No, $5 plus $3 equals $8.

Me: ummm the item is $5 and it’s just the one item so I can only give you what you paid for it which is $5.

L: irritated Yes item is $5. This other item is $3 that’s why I should get $8 back.

Me: I didn’t realize you were returning (other item). Let me just scan it so I can add it to the return.

L: I left it at home, I didn’t think you’d need it.

Me: In order to refund it I need it in store. Do you want to come back later with both items to do the return or do you want to do this return now and bring the other item later?

L: annoyed lets just do this and I’ll bring it later

Me: Okay, so I’ll have you swipe to put $5 on your card

L: No it should be $8

Me: I can’t do a return without the item here to be returned. I can only return first item because it is here, you can bring other item in later and return it but until it is here I can’t return it.

L: But I want it refunded why can’t you refund?

(Coworker sees there’s a problem and steps in) CW: what’s the problem ma’am?

L: I’m trying to return first item and second item but she won’t let me

Me: she left second item at home

CW: Oh well we need the product here in order to do a refund

L: Oh okay, I’ll bring it in later Me: so if you’ll swipe your card I can put the $5 back on it

Lady swipes her card and then leaves. She never did come back in to return the other item.

Tl;dr: lady tries to return something she didn’t bring with her, argues with me about it, accepts it when my coworker tells her the same thing.

-- Quickbrownkitten







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