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From  misselletee, Tales From Retail:

Working as usual, offering alcohol samples in a retail shop. Keep in mind that each sample is 1oz or less in a little plastic shot cup.

Me: Would you like to try a sample?

Customer: Sure, I'll take a bottle and sample at home.

Me: Okay then, just be sure to head to checkouts 1-5. Those are designated for beer and wine purchases

Customer: I don't want to buy it, I'll just sample the bottle at home

Me: Oh, so you're stealing?

Customer: No, I'm not. I'm sampling.

Me: Okay then, here's a sample!

Customer: If I drink a sample now, then I can't drive, but I'll sample the bottle at home.

Me: The samples aren't enough to impair you, but if you don't want to have one and just want to purchase the bottle instead, then that's cool too. Just remember to head to checkouts 1-5!

Customer: No, I'm not buying it, I'm sampling.

Me: Perfect! I've got all the samples right here.

Customer: I can't sample here, I'll be inebriated, so I'll take the bottle home to sample

Me: There's not enough in the cup to inebriate you, but you can look for the designated checkout lanes 1-5 for purchases

Customer: I'm not gonna pay for a sample, and I want to sample the bottle

Me: So you're stealing it?

Customer: No, I'm just sampling it

Me: I've got the samples right here!

I know he was "just kidding" (I get people like this every other day), but I wanted to see how long we could keep this up for. We went around this another 2 or 3 times before he continued his grocery shopping. In the end, he didn't take a sample nor a bottle.

-- misselletee






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