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Grocery hell 3

From  dman2life, Tales From Retail:

I work the self check out at [retail] I get a lot of crazy people, and a lot of sweet people. This is one of the good ones.

It had been a slow day so far, and I'm just as happy as can be. A mother and a little girl come into the self check out and she's got her hands full. The little girl is very excited and the mom had a lot of groceries.

Throughout the store, we have these little metal squares that I think cover wires and stuff. After asking her mother everything she could about everything else, the girl pointed to the square on the floor and asked ME what that was.

Me: That's where we keep our secret floor ninjas.

Oh boy that was the best thing she had ever heard. Her eyes got so wide and she began to ask me a million questions

Girl: Can I go in there?

Me: No, you have to be a secret ninja to go in there.

Girl: Why are they in there?

Me: That's where they live!

Girl: What so you mean?

Me: Well, just like you have a house you live in, the secret ninjas have a house too. It's in their secret ninja base below.

Girl: Ohhhh okay. Can I see them?

Me: If you see a ninja, then he's not a very good one! But if you do manage to see one, they'll make you a ninja too!

And so on. She was so delighted, and her mother was very thankful I took the time to talk to her. I had a lot of fun.

-- dman2life






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