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From  PmButtPics4ADrawing

I work with self-checkouts at a grocery store.

Yesterday we were extremely busy. I had customers at every register and lines wrapped around the store, and we were completely understaffed. I needed a manager override for two registers, and of course nobody is picking up the phone.

As I'm dialing various phones and paging different people just trying to get ahold of someone while also talking to two customers, I hear a guy yell "YO" from one of the farther registers for me. I look over and see a guy leaning on the produce scale/scanner, and the machine loudly telling him to remove everything from the scanner. This is something people do a hundred times a day: they lean on the scale, ignore the directions, and either get mad or confused when it won't let them continue with their order. So I hang up the phone and walk over to tell him this and he instantly gets hostile.

Me: "You can't lean on that, it's a scale"

Guy: "First of all, DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CAN'T DO! And I wasn't leaning on the scale!"

Me: "I just watched you lean on it."


Machine: "please remove all objects or items from the scanner!"

Me: "You're literally leaning on it right now."

This goes back and forth for a bit. Me telling him it won't let him start if he leans on the scale, him insisting he isn't leaning on the scale while leaning on it, with him proceeding to make a big show out of looking at my nametag and mispronouncing my (very common) name. He asks for a manager, so I go over and page someone for like the fifth time (by this point I've been trying to get ahold of somebody for over 10 minutes so I can help the customers I was already dealing with).

He keeps arguing with me and yelling for a manager while I try to tell him I've already called her, and then he drops this bomb on me.

"Are you really telling me that because I'm leaning on the scale is the reason I didn't get a receipt?!!?!"

I never told him that and until this moment he never mentioned anything about a receipt.

As the whole store was a mess and there were carts of both bagged and unbagged items scattered everywhere I didn't even know he had already paid.

Just as I finish processing that this is what I was supposed to gather from him loudly screaming "YO" at me from 20 feet away, the manager shows up. I go over to my computer and print out a receipt for the guy, while the manager checks the printer on his register. Turns out the roll of paper ran out and he starts screaming about how I KNEW it was out of paper because he used to work here (I've never seen him before).

Spoiler: When the roll runs out we literally have no way of knowing unless a customer tells us. There's no warning until the next print.

So as he's yelling about that I hand the manager the printed receipt because I don't even want to look at this guy. Finally the dude leaves, yelling at the manager the whole way out.

Oddly enough, the two customers that had actually politely made me aware of their problem and been waiting for 10-15 minutes were very patient and even told me I handled it well.

-- PmButtPics4ADrawing








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