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From  dexidrone, Tales From Retail:

Wall of text incoming...

  • 12:30 AM - Normal looking guy is brings a bunch of stuff in his arms (he can barely carry it all) to the self checkout. He asks if he can leave the stuff there because he just needed a few more things. I say it's fine, so he leaves the items and goes back into the main part of the store.

  • 12:40 AM - Guy brings a bunch more stuff in his arms and is pulling a full sized cart loaded (toppling over) with random stuff. There are literally items from every department (including meat, deli, dairy, produce, frozen, pharmacy, floral, bakery, grocery, cleaning products, and seasonal). It's completely disorganized... So now I'm like, FML not this again.

  • 12:50 AM - After I've trained him on using the self checkout machine in the most efficient way, I just start pacing around waiting for an error to happen so I can fix it, and he can move on. I'm starting to think something is not quite right with this guy.

  • 12:55 AM - My co-workers on the night shift are starting to notice and each pull me aside to basically go "WTF is this!? You must be mad as hell!".

  • 1:05 AM - Guy looks to be about half way done with checking out, but there is an error with the machine so I go to clear it. At this time I notice the balance is over $800 (at a grocery store, at 1 in the morning). He mentioned that the register was getting really slow. I tell him the computer is probably running low on memory because it was such a large order. So then I suggested that he just pay this part of the order first, let the register reset, and buy the rest of the stuff on a separate transaction. He tells me if he does that the credit card provider might freeze the card because of multiple transactions.

All of the sudden I start to notice that he's been eating junk food the entire time, his eyes are black, he's grinding his teeth, and he is having difficulty staying focused... 0_0.

This is when the realization of what's happening manifests and the adrenaline kicks in... This man is blitzed out of his mind on meth, and his credit card was going to decline.

I've dealt with meth people before, so this immediately put me on edge. I didn't wan't this to end in a drug fueled rage when things didn't go his way. So now I'm doing everything I can to make this guy feel as if everything is completely okay. I pace, and I help, and then I pace, and then I help again... (I have severe anxiety and panic attacks btw so I'm feeling the pressure.) This continues until 1:30 AM when we are all (me and the night crew) ready for that special moment.

The credit card declines.

There was a bit of aftermath after this but eventually we got him to leave. He did manage to steal some cigarettes and of course he didn't pay for the food he was eating whilst shopping/checking out.

TL;DR - Some guy tweaked out on meth rings up 1,465 dollars worth of groceriesat the self checkout at 1:30 AM. Credit card declines.

-- dexidrone






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