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From  notakhaleesi, Tales From Retail:

So today this happened; We have some shoes from the winter collection that are on discount. So this lady calls me to ask the price. She will be C, I will me ME.

C: Hello, I'd like to ask how much is this black high heel shoe from your winter collection. I saw it online 85€ and I want to ask for your price

Me: Hello ma'am, the black one with the spikes? That would be 140€

C: But I saw online it is 85. Such a shame, you should be more careful. People are awake now and they buy online. Why such a difference?

Me: Each store carries its own policies. Of course you should buy online if it's your best interest. Have a nice day.

I check online for this very pair of shoes. Of course, I find nothing since it is out of stock. I only came up with the same, but in green color. She wanted black, but from the photo, you couldn't tell it's green and not black.

So now, I hope she sits in her living room, with her green shoes on her lap, thinking about all her life mistakes.

TL;DR Customer being upset over a price of a shoe we carried, that she thought she found online much cheaper, but was different color from ours, eventually.

-- notakhaleesi







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