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From  nomonoke, Tales From Retail:

This is probably one of the most bizarre stories I have, and it just happened tonight.

It was getting to be about half an hour to close, so we only had a few customers left. The customer of the story was a mother and her two young girls.

The girls approach one of our donation door workers and tell him "Hey, we found a baby chicken, can we keep it?" And he thought they were joking, and so did the mom. Lo and behold, one of the girls pulls a live baby chicken out of her pocket.

So our donation guy leads them to the front of the store and show our manager and myself and we're just like ....????!!!??!

I work in a Thrift Store, we do not handle animals at all and we are completely blown away by the fact that there is a live animal in our store. We have no idea how it got in!

It is legal in our town to have chickens for eggs and things tho, and the mother has room for it, she just doesn't quite know how to care for one. The girls adamantly want to keep this thing. We help her find some info online, and let her know we have several workers here that have experience with chicken raising if she changes her mind or can't handle it. Her and my manager exchange numbers and she'll let us know in a few days how it's going.

But the mom was SO done lmao "I came in to get a green shirt for St. Patrick's Day and went home with a chicken instead."

-- nomonoke






I think it's really nice that mom is 1)willing to let her kids keep the lil' guy and 2)actually trying to make sure she cares for the chick properly. And what awesome workers to offer help with something not in their job description. Everyone in this story sounds pretty OK!

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