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From BigSmokesFastFood, Tales From Retail:

I'm a manager in a UK supermarket. Yesterday I'm working down the crisps (chips) aisle and see some guy who stinks of cigs and booze pick up a few big multipacks of crisps and just dump them in his trolley. This was a big red flag for me as I've seen evidence of people using things like this to conceal items they want to steal like spirits and razors.

I followed him to the spirits section and heard crisps rustling and bottles clinking. That's when I knew. I call the security guard over as well as a colleague and we tail this guy around the shop.

Weirdly he stopped at one point and asked me about some batteries, but shoplifters often do this to divert suspicion and distract workers. Undeterred, myself and my colleagues carry on following him around.

Eventually this guy makes it to the front of store area and its pretty clear that he's going to make a run for it. I position myself in the foyer near the doors so he's going to have to come through me with this trolley if he wants to get out. He dumps the trolley near the tills and walks out, shouting and swearing at us as he goes. We check the trolley and he's got £350 of stuff in there including about 10 packs of razor blades.

I was totally buzzing as it was my first shoplifter that I've caught! Great day.









I saw someone try to pull that shit in a Winn Dixie but with a cartful of beer.

Misty Meanor

Good instincts!

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