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From nreppep, Tales From Retail:

I work at a salon/retail store. We have a lot of crazy regulars. This particular lady, we’ll call her CL (for crazy lady), comes in occasionally and we’re 90% sure she’s on something every time she comes in. Her voice is off, she’ll talk to you even if you’re not listening, and she’ll walk away from you and keep talking to you even if she’s on the other side of the store and no one is listening to her. ANYWAYS, to the story.

Assistant Manager is AM and General Manager is GM.

So CL comes in with a return and goes up to my coworker. I’m the manager on duty, so she asks me if she can accept the return because there’s no sales history and no receipt.

I said no.

CL: “Oh I had lunch with AM yesterday and she said y’all have a satisfaction guarantee and I can bring it back any time.”

Okay, this is definitely not our policy and the AM would know that. And I doubt anyone who works here is having lunch with this woman.

Me: “Let me just call the GM to be sure, you can go ahead and shop around while you wait.”

After the lady leaves the counter, my coworker shows me the can of the item she’s returning. This thing is old AF. Like, discount stores don’t even have this packaging anymore. It’s easily 5 years old. I scanned it and it rang as $0.01. Hell no. So I went to the back to call the GM to ask her if I should accept the return, since the AM apparently said we had this ‘satisfaction guarantee’ policy.

I’m on the phone with my GM and I’m explaining what this lady has told me and I’m laughing at how damn old this product is and I spin it around to see a sticker on it with a SKU...and another salon’s name. A well known salon that’s been closed for at least a year. Um. Is this bitch for real? I tell my GM and of course, we’re not accepting the return.

I come back out to explain to the lady that not only can we not accept the return because it’s ringing as a penny, but it’s also from another salon, and she just stares at me like I have two heads.

CL: “Oh...I thought I was in the right place. Oh well. Is AM here? She said I could return it...and I wanted to show her something...but I guess I can show you...”

Cue her story about something I don’t give a damn about.








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