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Bitch Encounter at a Shoe Store



From mrs_hallowed, Tales From Retail:

This lady comes in to my store looking for a pair of Alegria shoes. The ones she wants are on sale in store because we don't want to carry that print/style anymore.

So I tell her how much they would be after 25% off the clearance price. Find out we don't have her size in store, and I told her we can order them, but they would be regular price because online was not trying to get rid of them, they're only the sale price if you get them of our shelf in the store.

She proceeds to act like a 3 year old (mind you, she's probably in her mid to late 40s), and says that her friend came in and got some for the sale price. She probably got them from the store.

I got tired of going back and forth her so I said, "fine, I'll do it."

Tell her the price again and she says okay and walks out of the store, gets in her car and drives away.

Bye bitch.










Congratulations, you've again reinforced the idea that if you're a big enough prick, they'll give you what they want. Well done.


TechTyger, should that be one of Murphy's Laws? I think The Rules of Toddlerhood should apply to customers. Since working in retail, I have treated cashiers and other retail workers with a lot more respect!


You agreed to commit retail fraud for a rude customer by selling a product for a lower price than the company set.

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