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Bridezillas: Three Stories


1bridezillaFrom Crdude21, AskReddit

I am an assistant GM at two wedding venues! I have probably seen over 500 weddings in the last 7 years...

Bride cried from the moment she got there to the moment she left. I never knew someone could physically produce this many tears.

Over what? Anything and everything.

She cried because she didn't like how she looked in her dress the day of. She cried because her bridesmaid complemented her but not in the right way. She cried because she wasn't ready to go down the aisle when her ceremony should have started (because she had been crying).

I could continue but I think y'all get the picture. Super spoiled with a rich dad and way too high standards for everyone.



Groom was a doctor and was as cocky as could be. His opening speech before dinner was about 30 min. He talked about him and his wife and thanked no one for coming. Jumped back on the mic again during open dancing and talked again about themselves.

Carolanne axeBride was a nightmare. I've never met someone who spoke so disrespectfully to their mother.

She said to me at the beginning of the night "This glass (whisky, sprite) better not get under half full this whole night or we will have a problem!"

Well legally I cannot follow through with that so we had problems. Other than that she completely ignored the planner and refused to do anything the coordinator did the ENTIRE NIGHT. So nothing was done on schedule and things were missed. The next day they called the building and said they wanted to speak with the owner.

They came in and complained that nothing they were promised, and paid for, happened last night. i.e. the bride wanted asparagus as a side instead of grilled veg. (false, I told her we could do it at the meal preview and she said she had to think about it.) She said no one ever delivered the late night snacks (They were milkshake shots, I personally brought them out twice and she said she didn't want them.) She said the uplighting was supposed to be multi-colored (impossible so no one would have offered it) and the one that gets me the most is that they were promised a round of golf for four... Now granted we are close to a golf course but have no relation to the PROFESSIONAL, PRIVATE, TOUR golf course next door.

Anyways these accusations continued because they got drunk and don't remember what happened the night before and threatened us a bad review if they didn't get $5,000 back.

They were laughed at.



This one is just funny... we had a guest get so drunk (out in the parking lot, we refused to serve him at all) that he passed out on the couch in the cocktail lounge and pissed himself in front of like 200 people.

They all came over from hotel bus shuttles so no one could take him home. He had to wait an hour for the shuttle to come back.





Five bucks says the bride and groom realized they’d spent too much money on the wedding and reception, realized their mistake when they saw their credit card bill, and came up with these bullshit excuses to recoup their losses.

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