Discount Rats: "I get a discount when I buy 5 cans"
Crazy Old Lady Calling: "I Don't have email. WHERE. ARE. MY WHITE. PANTS."



The biggest problem with decorating seems to be two main things. They are given the equivalent of 8 pack Jumbo Crayons to make a picture on a about 12 post it pads that higgledy piggledy overlap each other and unstick all the time. Improve their tools to something better than a the equivalent of expandable calk can and don't expect fine art done on cupcakes shoved together plastered over with way to much frosting to fill in the spaces and shaped like you had to do the picture on a bunch of round things shoved together. Buy a sheet cake if you want it to look like you bought a cake. Those giant cookies always look like cow plops and a decorated cow plop is still a cow plop anyway you try to disguise it.


If you want fine art, get one of those edible inkjet printed cakes. The kids who are the usual recipients of these don't give a wet fart what it looks like, it's a GIANT COOKIE.


I know a little kid don't care. They do on occasion eat actual poop or tide pods.

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