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From  Instinctzop,  Tales From Retail:

I work in the dairy department of my grocery store, unfortunately before I started working here I was in the front end of my store. That being said I’m trained to cashier and my job takes FULL advantage of that. Meaning I get to dedicate about 1/4th of my shift everyday to cashiering while still being expected to get everything else done in my department because ya know it helps save payroll!

Anyway I get called up front to help check and it’s been about twenty minutes but I really need to get back to my department because whenever I leave hell freezes over back there. I turn off my register light, put up a closed sign, and tell every customer that I’m closed after a certain point.

This lady gets in my line and I say “ma’am I’m closed, I’m sorry but you’re going to have to go to another register”.

No response, okay maybe she didn’t hear me. I noticed she’s wearing headphones, so I proceed to say it 3 more times with hand gestures and pointing at the closed sign and she continues to ignore me.

So I did the natural thing and walked away right when she was the next customer in line. If you’re gonna ignore me then I’m gonna ignore you (: I walked right back to my department without looking back

-- Instinctzop








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