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Grocery hell 3

From  ashleypatience, Tales From Retail:

I work at a grocery store and this happened yesterday while I was a cashier:

A woman comes through and as I'm scanning her items I see that there is a three-pack of ground beef that looks like this but i've never seen this product connected via a 3-pack, it just looks like the manufacturer didn't separate the packages properly so each pack(3) has a barcode and I scan each barcode and tell her her total is $90.

She understandably freaks out and says, "What in my cart was $90 worth!" and I go through her receipt and tell her each pack was "...$17.99? Oh that can't be right..." and she goes, "That's a FAMILY PACK, if I bought one it's 5.99 but the three pack is 17.99!" I apologize profusely and void off two packages and tell her her total comes to $50 something.

Her: "How many packages did you void off though??"

Me: "I rang you out for three, so I voided off 2 so that you are only being charged for one. Again my apologies for that."

Her: "Um, you OVERCHARGED me so I get it free. That's what (another grocery store) does."

She doesn't know I'm actually a manager and that we have no such policy so I just say, "Yes, but you didn't actually pay for being overcharged. Had you maybe of walked out and came back I would have given it to you (never) but you technically haven't been overcharged since the transaction never ended."

She then turns to the old lady next in line and starts ranting, "YOU need to be careful! These people are going to overcharge you if you 're not careful! She just tried to overcharge me $40! That's not 40 cents that's $40! You need to watch out!"

Me: "The error was corrected, and you were not overcharged." And she kept upsetting the older (and when I say older I mean this lady was like 85) woman next to her so I just repeated louder, "You WERE NOT OVERCHARGED. The error was corrected, your total is $50.**"

Listen lady, I am really sorry I wasn't aware of this new product that launched literally that day that looks like our other core product but is just stuck together, that was my fault and I apologized. But, why are you hammering me to get something free when you NEVER PAID IN THE FIRST PLACE.

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