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From  apawneecitizen, Tales From Retail:

Background: I'm new to retail and I like the clothing store that I work at and I've got great managers. I've thankfully not had too many difficult customers. The other day I did, however, have a very difficult grandma. Also sorry if I have poor formatting, I don't post often.

I do the whole welcome spiel. She immediately asks for two gift receipts, I say sure. Customer asks me to tell her the prices of each the items as I scan them (annoying request because I have to scan the item twice to check the price and then again if she wants it). Still, I happily oblige and begin scanning. She asks me if we had any coupons. I launch into the store credit card spiel but cuts me off immediately saying she didn't want a credit card. I tell not a problem we have a coupon if you text a particular number. She asks me about five times how she would have to do it. She then asks if she would get other texts. I tell her she would get other texts but she could reply stop at any time (I don't care if she uses it or not and am simply answering her questions but she is acting like I'm twisting her arm). She eventually says she doesn't want one and I'm relieved. During all of this, I'm telling her the prices of the items. She also asks the size of each item even though she picked them out and she wants me to tell her the original price so that she knows the sale came off. I'm still trying to be upbeat but she is testing me. She also makes me create three separate bags for different kids. Not a problem except she asks me to do it five different times even though I had been placing the clothes in appropriate piles. I'm usually quite fast but her many requests are making the transaction go by slowly.

She reminds me again that she wants two gift receipts.

After forever, I'm done scanning everything I ask if she's paying cash or card which she considers for a full two minutes. She then asks if she can pay with a check which I forgot to ask because over three months working at my store, two people have paid with a check. I say sure and ask for her license. I'm trying to enter the details of her check while shes bombarding me with questions about our return policy and I finally process it all.

I ask her if she wants a printed, e-receipt, or both. She says "printed and also-" "Two gift receipts, got it". I gave her receipts, her three bags and wished her good day. It took all my willpower not to explode, bless those who have to deal with these types of customers regularly.

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