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From mynameiswrong, Tales From Retail:

I was called to the front to help a customer. When I got up there I saw a lady holding a receipt. I asked her how I could help and she said that the total didn't add up right.

Me: Did something ring up the wrong price?

Lady: No the prices are right, the total is wrong.


Me: I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

Lady: When you add up the prices it doesn't match the total.

Me: Oh are you sure? The register's a computer, it doesn't really make math mistakes.

Lady: Yeah, if you add up the last row (pointed to the ones place if the change for each item) it doesn't equal a 9.

I looked and saw her total did in fact end in a 9 in the change but she didn't think it should.

Me: I can guarantee that the register adds correctly, are you sure you didn't get a 9?

Lady: Yes I'm sure. Here, you count it.

I was a little confused over why she trusted my math more than a computer and a little annoyed because it was about 15 items. Reached for my phone only to remember that it was charging in the break room. I tried to get out of having to add them up.

Me: Oh I don't have a calculator.

Lady: Just add up the last row.

Me trying not to sigh: Um, ok... Adding up just the penny amounts out loud I got a 9.

Lady: No.

Me: shrugged Yeah, that's what I got. Do you want to try again?

I handed off the receipt back to the customer who counted it again out loud... And got a 9.

Lady: Oh.

Me: Yeah, that's what I got. Looks like the register was right.

Lady: Hmm.. well, ok I guess.

She walked off counting them again.










She's probably in the very early stages of dementia. She can still function, it's just little things here and there that are off.


Seems to be an old person thing. I once got stuck behind some old biddy that wanted to argue over whether one can of 3 for a dollar cat food should be 33 or 34 cents... Once my patience wore out, I slapped a nickel on the counter and said "There, you're covered for the next five of them, can we PLEASE get on with our lives?" She took it, bought the cat food and drove off in a Huff... and the cashier said "Thank you, she does that all the time."

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