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From UndeadDragon, Tales From Retail:

I work in a large chain supermarket as the service desk supervisor. The time is now 5 mins past closing, I and my colleague go home in 10 mins and we are getting the last few customers out.

Story: I finish off closing the self scan machines and go to help pack for my colleague (WC). As I approach WC the customer is having trouble with her card.

Card Lady: (in very poor English, probably second or third language) I Just get my husband.

Me; No problem, I’ll just suspend your shopping and we can deal with it.

CL nods and calls her husband. (Internally, please be an easy fix, I want to go home.

WC and I greet the next customer through a quick chat we discover that she has just moved house and is new to the area and just had to get the essentials, that is why she is in so late. She is apologetic and really lovely.

CL’s husband comes to the locked door.

Me: (to CL) Is that your husband?

CL: Yes.

I let him in he hands CL some cash. As this happens Moving house Lady finishes her payment and is packing up her trolley.

CL: Can we pay two ways?

WC: Yes that’s fine. (He try’s the lesser amount of $66.57 on the card. The card declines. CL’s face drops. I feel a little crushed inside.)

Moved House Lady: (finishing off packing her trolley) What’s the difference?

Me: $66.57

MHL: I’ll pay for it.

Me: are you sure? (CL is distracted by her husband at this point and doesn’t notice this)

MHL pays. The transaction is complete. I hand CL the receipt.

CL: What?

MHL: I got you. It’s all paid for.

CL: No no.

MHL: It is already done. Take your shopping enjoy your night.

CL: Thank you. I pay back.

MHL: You don’t have to.

I then let them both out of the store and they chat for a few more minutes outside. They are both smiling and laughing.

It is now 12 past closing and I finish up the close and go hope feeling happy that I could witness such kindness.








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