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Closing Time Nightmares: Sorry I didn’t realize you were closed!



From  Baphometaphor, Tales From Retail:

I work at a local bagel shop that closes at 3pm. We lock our doors officially at 3:05 just in case a customers clock runs slow or whatever.

So we closed and locked the doors at 3:05 as per usual and flipped the signs to “CLOSED”. About 45 min into my close, an older woman tries the door, I ignore the noise as I’m used to it (it happens at least once a night). Most people will try both locked doors and then realize “oh I guess “CLOSED” means not open! Oh well!” And leave.

This woman however tried both doors and then started pounding on the door. I alternates between pointing at the sign displaying our hours and the one stating we are closed for a full minute before turning around and unlocking the door to see what she wanted. She was older (70s probably) so I didn’t feel threatened, just irritated. “Are you open?” “No, ma’am. That is why the doors are locked.”

“I just need 6 dozen bagels though. Can I just-“ she tried to open the door more than the 4 inches I had opened it.

“I don’t have any bagels left ma’am, we donate all of our end of day waste to non-profit organizations and the girl already came to pick them up. Our next closest location is located in the [generic town plaza] on (street) and (other street) next to Popular Shoe Brand Store. They are open until 5pm!”

“Oh! My goodness! I didn’t realize you were closed!”(internal sigh, but I had a good day and I’m not letting it get me down) “But I don’t have a car. I walked here. Can’t you just sell me my bagels? I have company coming in the morning and I have nothing to feed them for breakfast.”

“I am sorry ma’am but I have no bagels left to sell. That is 78 in total, and we would need at least a days notice to prepare and bake that many. I would be happy to write down your order for our morning baker to bake them for you in the morning. We open every day at [ungodly and a half hour] am so we can have them ready very early for you!”

I am a happy person and I smile genuinely quite often, and I was smiling while I said this, being as polite and friendly as could be.

Basically she walked away announcing she was going to call corporate to complain about this “catastrophe”.

I was. Taken aback, to say the least.

-- Baphometaphor






How dare you close on time and not reopen to spend all night baking my bagels so hard they'll go back in time to right now?!

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