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Creeper Crusty vs The Stench of Death


Carolanne 074a

From Cart Commander:

At work we had a very pervy crusty, who liked to get in the ladies personal space. Well they did that to me only I had to fart really bad. So I let one out that made them stagger back for a moment with watering eyes. Undeterred they got back in my personal space. So in return I let it rip till they had a cloud of stink, envelop them. Then I retreated to bulk foods, old lady one comes up and shoves some axe body spray in his hands. She yells, young man I was going to give this to my grandson, but you need it more than he does. Before he can do anything her friend scuttles up and this is the exchange. 

Old lady two: Eyes wide open and scowling. WHAT SMELLS?!? 

Old lady one: He does. 

Old lady two. Young man you need a shower, that is disgusting. 

Soon enough, other people walk by and take note of the smell. They all start glaring at the crusty who runs off, and has not been seen sense. 

I honestly think I inadvertently summoned a stink cow. Monster.

--Cart Commander






(laughs) A honk so rank someone else got blamed for BO, I love it. :D

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