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Discount Rats: Coupon, coupon, coupon!



From greatcomet1812, Tales From Retail:

Recently I had an older woman (50-60s), her daughter (20-30s) and her daughter (a small child) all visit the store.

The family walks around for a bit, I help them find some items, and at this point they had about 2 dolls, a swimsuit, a shirt, and a set of pajamas. The grandma and Mom are debating about getting the pajamas and the grandma turns to me

Grandma: Well we would get them both if we had a coupon...

Me: Well if you are shopping with our credit card today, you do get a discount!

Grandma: No, we just need a coupon.

I retail smile, and leave them be until they come to the register a few minutes later.

Me: Would we like to take this home in a reusable bag today?

Grandma: Well I’d get one if I had a coupon. Also, I don’t want these pajamas, unless there is a coupon.

Me: Sorry, I don’t have any coupons available right now.

Grandma: Are you sure? Are there any available online? I just need a coupon.

The rest of the transaction went as well as expected, but I didn’t get this lady’s deal. Did she think if she said coupon enough times I would magically pull one out and give her it?









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