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From  dinomelia, Tales From Retail:

Okay so I manage a small town gas station (4 years) off the side of the highway. We get a lot of regulars, but we also get a lot of random travelers. I'm the boss, but I also open 2 days a week to get register time and whatnot.

Well today I had a guy come in who's not a regular, but I had seen him in the store only once before. He came up to my register and asked for 5 cans of Grizzly chew. I rang him up, and gave him his total. He looked at it, and then TOLD me to give him the discount.

Me: "what discount?"

C: "I get a discount when I buy 5 cans."

Me: "That's not how it works."

C: "Ask anybody else that works here."

Me: "I don't need to ask anyone else, I'm the manager, that's not how it works."

He paid for his chew, didn't say another word, and left!

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