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From  anyname_Iwant, Tales From Retail:

I worked at a dispensary in Colorado over my school breaks and boy do I have stories to share from the pot shop. We're a pretty busy shop seeing as we're right off a main highway tourists take to drive into Colorado. We usually have lines wrapping the store from open to close. This particular day was no different.

I was working the register and trying my best to go as fast as I could. It's hard to be really speedy when people have questions and just like to chat. They do understand though that we have to crank out the lines so the chit chat and questions are usually kept to a minimum on crazy days like this day.

I was finishing ringing up a couple when I noticed the man behind them was rolling his eyes and checking his watch and huffing loud enough for everyone to hear.

I gave the couple their goodies and they slipped a 5 dollar bill in my tip jar and whispered "good luck" while glancing back at the man behind them. I chuckled and thanked them and called the next man up to my register.

IM= impatient man

Me: Hello sir, what can I get for you today?

IM: I need bud, I'm in a hurry (he tapped his watch while talking)

Me: Okay, what kind of bud were you looking for? A sativa? Indica?

IM: I don't know! I just need bud! I'm in a hurry!

I'm a little frustrated at this point because our bud is all on display on the floor so customers can scope it out and decide which strain they want before coming up to the register. It's very clear this is how the store works as well, employees on the floor always greet people and tell them how the store works. It's also quite difficult to just choose bud, people have preferences usually and react to different strains differently. I could end up giving this man a strain he doesn't like and of course it would be my fault since I suggested it.

Me: Okay well I'd suggest this nice hybrid, Flo-G. It'll give you the head hi-

IM: FINE. That's fine, I'm in a HURRY.

Oh, I didn't realize. So I turn to the drawers where bud is kept behind me and I grab the Flo-G. I inspect it to make sure it's the right strain and what not (things can get mixed up on busy days)



I type in the strain name in the system and ring it up.

Me: That'll be 18 do-

He slams a 20 on the counter cutting me off, again. I take it and open my cash drawer, print the receipt, and hand him his 2 dollars change. The man then REACHES OVER THE COUNTER to grab his bud. I had to physically stop him from doing so.

Me: Sir, I'm sorry, I have to bag this product up, it's policy. Also please don't reach over the counter.


Me: I understand that sir, but I could get fired for not bagging your product with the receipt.

IM: You should be fired for the slow service! I AM IN A HURRY GOD DAMMIT.

I quickly bag everything up and even though I am seething, I tell him to have a nice day in my most polite voice. He just scoffs at me and turns to leave.

Me: I hope you get to where you need to be, sir.

He turns back around with pure red rage in his eyes and face. I reply with my best retail smile and wave him goodbye.

The next customer comes up to the register and slips a ten into the tip jar. He says, "geez, do you think he was in a hurry?"

Even though I was horribly upset, the next few customers made my day so much better by just joking about how awful that man was. I made 50 dollars in tips that day after that man left.

-- anyname_Iwant









Me: *slow, evil smile* "Well I'm NOT in a hurry. And guess who's in control of you getting out in a timely manner? Why yes, I do believe it's me! Now, you can chill out and let me do my job, or you can leave without what you came here for, since your next destination is obviously more important than this one."


Yeah, I've never understood people whining about being in a hurry... more haste makes less speed. At all of my various jobs, I've needed to positively identify who I'm talking to, and barking at me that you're in a HURRY means that I am going to treat you like someone trying social engineering, and be even more careful.

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