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From  FluffyTrainz, Tales From Retail:

I work in a musical intruments store.

A customer calls the store:

Cus:"I live 3 hours away and I'll be at your store tomorrow. Do you have a screen?"

Me:"A what?"

Cus:"A screen... a TV... to read music on."

Me:"... huh... no."

Cus:"Ok. How about a $50 guitar? Do you have those?"

Me:"Huh... no... guitars start around $150..."

Cus:"Come on, you must have a cheap guitar..."

Me:"I have Ukuleles at that price."

Cus:"A what ?"

Me:"A Ukulele. It's like a small guitar but with 4 strings."

Cus:"Oh... so a small bass."

Me:"No sir..."

Cus:"Can you plug them in a screen or TV?"

Me:"... what?"

Cus:"Can I plug them in a screen or TV to hear the sound?"

Me:".... no sir... if you'd like to amplify them, you have to buy one with a pickup, and if you'd like to have the sound come out of a TV, you would need some kind of audio interface..."

Cus:"Ok thanks."

-- CLICK --

Befuddled, I then tell my coworker who thinks I'm fucking with him, and right then the phone rings again, interrupting my story, I answer...

Me:"[MUSIC STORE NAME] hello ?"

Cus:"Do you have motor Oil?"

Me:"MOTOR OIL??? This is a music store!"

Cus:"You don't have oil? Like 10w30?"

-- FluffyTrainz









My thought line is someone wanted to play Guitar Hero and really was dumb enough to not realize those aren't real guitars.

Misty Meanor

Either that or they were just playing pranks.


Yeah, Guitar Hero is what I was thinking too...

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