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ILIA2From Ilia

I've saved up the monies and bought new bedroom furniture and a new Sleep Number mattress. I wanted the bed frame to be delivered before the mattress, so that the mattress could be installed right in the bed frame. Once I got the delivery day for my furniture, I called Sleep Number to reschedule my mattress afterward. Here's our conversation:

Me: "Hello, I would like to re-schedule the delivery of my mattress please."

Customer Service Rep: "Hello, can I get your name and address for confirmation?"

Me: "Sure." [info]

CSR: "Thank you. Our next available time is on Friday."

Me: "That's perfect actually, that's the day I was hoping to move it to."

CSR: "All right, your delivery has been re-scheduled to Friday. And just so you are aware, by moving your appointment, you are losing your previous one."

Me: [stunned by the stupidity that she clearly has had to deal with, and in a horrified silence for a heartbeat] "Uhm... Yes. Yes that's fully acceptable and understood. I hope you have a much better rest of your day that you seem to have had so far."

CSR: "Thank you ma'am, I appreciate it. Have a good day yourself."

After hanging up: "Dear God, why am I surprised by the depths of customer bullshit anymore?"




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