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Crap! I just snorted coffee all over my keyboard!

Kind of weird though that somebody has enough smarts to disassemble their computer, but not enough to know the difference between a hard drive and a power supply.


It's at least clean. What's this left over part for? All sorts of funny for 5.5" floppies and cd's. Why are there 15 floppies, or CD's in the computer case? No that's a crack in the case.


Dear Customer,

Unfortunately, we could not get any files off your hard drive. They only thing we could get off it were 12 volts and 5 volts.

Kai Lowell

Oh my god, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. I didn't know I needed this so much.


(Note; this wasn't me, I snaffled it from Tumblr)

Jofur; I've dealt with that before. :P Had someone call who had 'installed his mouse inside his computer' and now can't use it. Because he 'installed' it by taking the side off the computer, putting the mouse in it, then putting the side back on...


Purchase: Software on 5.5" floppy disks.

ID10T: I opened the envelope and put the floppy in the drive. It won't install.

Reality: The envelope was the floppy disk.
The floppy was the circular magnetic material in the floppy disk that spun around.


I've had people take an 8" floppy and either fold it to make it fit into a 5.25" drive ("You need to run origami.exe") or figure size isn't everything and just trim off that extra three inches (He was very proud of the care he took to make sure the hole was still centered, and why was his drive making that loud flapping noise?)

The corn in the turd, though, was the HAL data librarian, as in 'the person responsible for keeping track of and preserving the install media' back when there wasn't so much downloading who decided that to keep the serial number with the CD, he'd just scratch it into the label side. All the data's on the bottom, right? Then he had to explain to his boss why they needed to order another 900$ disk...


I labeled my work computer HAL 9000, and changed the DOS prompt to Yes Dave?: or I can't do that Dave.:

I sometimes changed the DOS prompt to Press Enter or any key to format drive:
I was the only person to be using it and you could tell someone on another shift was messing with it. This normally scared them off.


Heh. Someone at the same job had a buttload of batch files with booby traps set up, requiring things like typing a non break space on the keyboard to log into stuff...

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