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From  profgray2, Tales From Retail:

So I was putting things on the shelf and zoning up when a man walks up and tells me that there is a Lego toy set that should be on sale today. But it's not on the shelf.

No big deal I think, just scan the label and see if anyone has it. So I walk over to the Lego isle and ask him where it was.

He doesn't know, it should come out today.

I asked him if he had an item number off the website, because it seems to me if it's new, he must have seen it there.

He did not know that.

I asked him what it was called, he had no idea.

I asked him how large it was..

No clue.

How much was it when you saw it online..

No idea..

His last line was.

This is not my job to know.

I had to bite my tongue. Because apparently my job includes telepathically reading his mind for the image of the Lego he wanted, and knowing which one of the hundred plus Lego sets it is.

Seriously,? Really?

-- profgray2








You don't have access to the store's sales flyer? Usually they are in stacks next to the store doors, and normally at every register.


The guy first says "it's on sale today" then says it should have come out maybe by "on sale" he meant "for sale starting today", which means it's probably just been released, it may not be in the sales flyer, but just available.....I dunno, just an odd interaction...


Even if that was true, you'd think he'd at least know what kit it was...

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