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From  TheKrillers, Tales From Retail:

I don't find this story to be the funniest, just like the literal dumbest

I know in some states there's no tax, but not my state,Odd story with no happy ending. A couple comes to my check lane and their total is above $200. And then they start talking

Me- total is $200

Guests shows me his state ID

G-here you go

M- that's an ID

G- yes it is

M- you cant pay with an ID

G- I know that, dont I not pay tax if I'm from a tax free state?

M- no, you still pay tax

G- that's absurd I'm showing you my ID

M- You still have to pay tax

G-No. Other stores do it

M- They might, we dont.

G- No this isn't right, you're infringing on my rights

   At this point I'm like "uuuuuuuugh wut". Idk what to do so I just keep talking

M- What stores do it?

G- what does it matter if you're not gonna do it?

M-just curious

G- Are you gonna do it or not?

  Quick note: We give tax exemptions to schools and organizations

M- No I'm not, you have to pay for the tax

G- Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous, is there someone I can talk to?

M- yeah gimme a minute

G- No want them now

I kinda wanna slap him for this stupidity, and it's been about 10 minutes, which is a long time. So the manager comes and he tells her the situation. And she has this face like "fucking hell this is dumb" and she tells him that he has to pay for tax. He yells that this is infringing his rights and begins cursing and just yelling.

G- Forget it I ain't buying anything, I ain't shopping here no more.

M- Ok

Now as he leaves, He knocks over our gift card display and now there's like a thousand gift cards all over the floor 😭.

-- TheKrillers







Jason Anderson

i had someone use this before too. they were from oregon, in colorado. they played the whole blah blah store let me not pay tax. we dont pay for tax in oregon, yada yada yada, to which I said "you're in colorado, not oregon" so I told them if I go to oregon and show my id, do I have to pay colorado tax? they paid and left.

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