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Easter 016

From EliBloodthir, Tales From Retail:

So it was a busy Saturday but of course it was Easter Saturday, people rushing through to buy what they can because the store is closed tomorrow and everyone panics. I was on my usual spot on the self checkouts.

For the most part people are either slightly cheery or inconveniently silent to be polite, the british way. I have some really cheery friendly ladies come through. CL will be cheery ladies M for Me. X: Manager X

Me: Hello ladies, cash or card today? CL: Card please but can you assist us on these items they don't have barcodes? Me: no problem! Come this way to this till

(Products in my company often don't have barcodes but lookups and shortcodes, it's alright for me but for customers who are new it's often overwhelming )

After it's all done I wave the ladies goodbye and I think I'm done with them. Oh boy they come back five minutes later.

CL: Hello again we got more! We know what todo this time though

Me: I thought I was having deja vu for a second, did you like the sale price?

CL: Yeah for sure, can't go wrong with half price easter goodies!

Me: of course not, who doesn't love a good bargain! I left them be for them to finish their transaction before they came over to me.

CL: we would like for you to have one of these Easter eggs, we feel you were so friendly and helpful to us and because you're having to put up with people this Easter we think you deserve it.

Me: Honestly I'm flattered but I'm not allowed to take anything from customers but if you'd like to leave feedback that's on the receipt.

CL: Is there anyone else that I could talk to or give the eggs to?

Me: You could talk to my manager X?

CL: Okay! Thank you Eli have a lovely Easter!

Me: Thank you, you enjoy yours also!

The ladies went off and spoke to my manager, who usually speaking just gives a thumbs up to good feedback but she came over to me this time.

X: Well done Eli those ladies were really happy with your service!

Me: thank you...

She cut me off before I could finish.

X: Oh and they left you these...

The Easter eggs they wanted to give me.

Definitely a better easter than I imagined!

-- EliBloodthirst






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