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Basically, I work at a chocolate shop/cafe. Yesterday, the day before Good Friday and the Easter long weekend was going to be a big one. Most people go away for the weekend, so it was the last day many could buy their easter eggs. As we were setting up our outside area we had a few people come up and ask what time we opened, keen to get in and buy their eggs. Our front door was open, as I was moving some chairs outside, and a woman entered the shop 20 minutes before we open.

Customer: Hi, would I be able to really quickly buy a few chocolates?

Me: Hello, sorry but unfortunately we're not open, we open at 9.

Customer: It'll just be really quick, this is the last chance I have to buy them.

Me: Yeah, unfortunately we can't process any purchases until we open at 9.

Customer: But I have to be at work at 9.

Me: I'm really sorry, but it would take about 10 minutes to open the tills, and with all the other tasks we need to do before we open we can't interrupt other jobs to open the tills for you.

Customer: So I can't buy my easter eggs?

Me: No

Customer: That's bloody disgraceful

Yeah, it's really "bloody disgraceful" that we can't open 20 minutes early for you just because you left your easter shopping until the last minute. When I think about it, I just know if we let her buy hers, then other people would complain if we didn't let them buy theirs early, and it would have turned into an even bigger mess.

On a brighter note, most other customers were actually really nice and understanding that we would be having a busy day, and I even got a few compliments on my hair!

(Note: I don't have the authority or knowledge to open the tills, and my supervisor who did was currently doing other jobs in the back. I don't actually know how long they take, but I know that the other jobs were time specific, so they couldn't just drop what they were doing)




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