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Once upon a time, say in 2006-2007, I worked for a mega blue and white-colored retailer. I worked in the Dairy Department.

So. Anyways, our story begins the week before the week of Easter. The Manager does his ordering and leaves for the holiday and won't be back till after Easter. He forgets to order Cream Cheese. This is a big deal.

For those who don't know, Easter- is typically one of those major holidays were people will make a lot and lot of cheesecake depending on your area--- to the point that in our store- you ordered two huge pallets worth---and it was typically ALL gone by the time the holiday ended.

.....And we didn't have that, and it would be a joke to expect to get that much cream cheese so soon to Easter at that point. All we had was our regular stock of it the POS system ordered. This is a problem, because we ran out in not even half a day.

Now, there was a lot of irrate customers this week- and understandably so--- the store screwed up, this was legitimately our fault. But no one got particular mad in a manner that warranted a story about it.

But one issue always kind of stood out in my mind.

There was this one middle aged woman that approached me, asking where the Cream Cheese was.

Woman: "Excuse me, do you have any cream cheese?"

Me: "No, I am sorry ma'am, sadly, there was a problem with the ordering and we do not have any this week. I am truly sorry, if you wish, I can get a manager for you to speak with about this."

Skullies eewwThis was what we were told to do about the Cream Cheese issue. Apologize, and offer them to speak to the manager about the problem.

Now the woman was actually kind of polite about it.

Woman: "Oh, that's too bad. :("

Then there's a pause.

Woman: "Can you substitute sour cream for cream cheese is a cheesecake?"

Now, I am no chef-- and I do understand you can use sour cream in a cheesecake---but not make the entire cheesecake with sour cream. So I was thinking maybe the woman also heard a recipe like this and was misunderstanding it.

Me: "No, Ma'am, I'm fairly you can't use Sour Cream as a 1:1 substitute for the cream cheese in a cheesecake. I'm pretty sure that would taste awful and not cook very well."

Woman: "No.. I think it will work."

Me: "Ma'am, I don't...."---

and before I could finish that thought, she'd already shoved two of the bigger tubs of sour cream into her cart and began to walk away.

I sometimes sit back and ponder the monstrosity of what would had resulted from cooking a 'Cheesecake' entirely with Sour Cream--and wondered if it came out in a fashion that could be deemed edible--- and actually fed it to her family or guests. X3




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