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1 easterFrom mpourdes, TalesFromRetail

Orthodox Easter was on April 12, and my bakery makes amazing Easter bread which is on high demand these days. So one lady kept coming to the store late during the last three days and we were always out of it. I was telling the lady that I could hold one or two for her if she wanted, but she kept refusing. Today, she came again, late noon again, and we were out of Easter bread of course. She started complaining.

Woman: “This is the fourth time I come here and there is none left. This is unacceptable.”

Me: “I’m sorry,” I said, “but our Easter bread is very popular these days.”

Woman: “Why is it so popular? It’s still Lent! I think you are not making enough.”

Me: “We do make a lot. It seems that people love our Easter bread, and eat it during Lent. But we will bake more today, and I can hold one for you!”

Woman: “What time will they be ready?”

Me: “Around 20:00 to 20:30 tonight”.

Woman: “I certainly cannot come again that late.”

Now, we normally don’t do home deliveries, but my husband sometimes delivers products to regular customers that live nearby, if he has the time.

“That’s ok” I said. “My husband will deliver it to your house if you like.”

She accepted that, and left.

Bakery hell 2When our Easter breads are out of the oven, we leave them for a while to cool down, and then wrap them up with food wrap.

It was around 20:20, and my husband had just left with her bread, when she called me. She didn’t say “hello” or anything, she just said: “Yeah, I’m Ms T. Is he going to bring me the Easter bread or not?”

Amazed by her rudeness, I told her he was on his way. “Ok, thanks” she said.

My husband came back to the store and told me that she took the bread, looked at it, thanked him and he left. Five minutes later she called again.

Woman: “It’s Ms T. Tell me, why so much sketchiness?”. It’s the exact word she used, I’m just translating it to English.

Me: “Excuse me?”

Woman: “The bread you sold me is in food wrap.”

Me: “Yes, that’s what we always keep them in.”

“No it’s not. You used to keep them in paper with your brand on it.”

Me: “Oh, that paper is when we are asked to wrap them up for gifts.”

Woman: “But I do want to gift it to a friend.” she said.

Entitled custiesMe: “But I didn’t know that, you didn’t tell me.”

Woman: “So how am I supposed to offer it to my friend now?”

Me: “Well, you can bring it to the store and I’ll make it for you”.

Woman: “Are you asking me to come all the way there for something that was your fault? I’m not doing that. Tell your husband to bring me another bread on paper.”

I had enough. “No, I’m sorry” I said. “My husband has a lot of work to do here, and doesn’t have time for this right now. So If you like, bring the bread here and I will gladly wrap it up for you”.

She replied with something like “yeah, ok”, but sounded really dissatisfied. She never showed up.





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