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5 easterFrom RHUer

A woman calls my center because she's having trouble with the site.

Woman: "Yeah we need to order these items but I'm having trouble with your site."

Me: "Okay, what seems to be the problem?"

Woman: "The shipping options. I can't seem to get the shipping speed I need."

Me: "Okay, your options are X, Y and Z. The fastest you should see them at your address in about two business days." (Our company does not have the mythical Same-Day or Next Day delivery that certain other companies have.)

Mom: "Not good enough, I need these for Easter morning."

Me: -Raises eyebrow though she can't see it- "You DO realize that is less than eight hours from now right?"

Mom: "I know, I need them for Sunday morning so my kids have their Easter baskets on time."

Me: "Okay, well that physically is not possible, so I don't know what to tell you. You can proceed with the order online and they will arrive in 2 business days, or you can cancel it and you can run to your local store. Unfortunately I do not possess magic that will materialize your items in the next 8 hours."

Okay taking bets. Did she:

  1. Agree that she was an idiot and hang up
  2. Scream for a manager
  3. Blame me for ruining her kids' Easter
  4. 2 & 3

Jason GrrIf you chose 4. you win!

My manager got on the line, listened to her dilemma, and told her nicely that she was a fucking idiot and told her what her options were. (Identical to the options I gave her.)

She said, "That's not good enough! What are you going to do to fix this?!"

Manager: "Nothing CAN be done, ma'am."

Woman began screaming about how we ruined her kids Easter again and how we were horrible at customer service, and how she'll never buy from us again.

My manager finally had enough and told her, "From what you've told me, you've never ordered from us to begin with, and honestly after listening to you, we don't want your business," and hung up on her.

As silence reigned, I just stood there, imagining the woman standing in her home, mouth agape in stunned silence, trying to process how her tantrum could have possibly failed to get her what she wanted. The daydream kept me warm and fuzzy all through my shift.




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