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Just a short and sweet one for today!

On Friday (good Friday) I worked at my previous job at the fish and chip shop. In Australia, that is the busiest day of the year for fish and chips because people don't eat meat on good Friday. Not because they're even religious, half of them don't know why. So that means everyone gets fish and chips.

Now at my store we are very good at getting food out quickly. Even at our busiest we are normally about a 20 minute wait to get your food. We are FAST.

At 5pm Friday it was a 20 minute wait. Which was already ten times busier than normal for that time. Within 15 minutes our wait time went up to 1hr 30 min. It stayed that way for the next 3 hours. We took the phone off the hook because it was too much to cope with.

We did not get one single complaint. One or two small grumbles, but nothing serious. Everyone that ordered in store was happy to wait. One of our customers even filled up our drink fridge while she was waiting! She bought us chocolate the next day to say happy Easter.

I honestly love the customers we have at the fish and chip shop. They made the night bearable. So thank you, you amazing patient people.





Fish; no longer meat. :P


@TechTyger: It's super weird, but Catholics don't consider fish to be "meat" and therefore deem it acceptable to eat on holy days when you are supposed to abstain from eating meat. From my (very short) google search it seems there are a few competing theories as to why that is are 1)red meat/poultry was generally considered a "luxury" for many early christians, whereas fish was just a staple food and so you were eschewing luxury when you were fasting or 2)a pope during the middle ages wanted to give his fisherman buddies a boost and so made red meat verboten.
The one I find that makes the most sense is that most fish is considered parve in Judaism (where much of Catholic doctrine comes from) and so "not meat".


Meh. It's an animal, animals are made of meat, and religions are so bent that they make corkscrews look like lasers.

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