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From  karasulf, Tales From Retail:

So I work at a video game retailer (yep, that's the one) and our customers are probably some of the most idiotic people I could ever imagine encountering.

Today is the big release of a new game in a popular series, and last night we did an early release for it after close. So for most of the day yesterday I fielded mostly normal questions from people about when they could get their game, what they would need to pick it up, could they still pre-order it, could they get it at 9 if they didn't pre-order. Normal questions I was happy to answer.

Then in comes this guy. He started out with a simple enough question but it just... got more and more frustrating. (For a little bit of context, our POS is just a computer, but of course like any other POS it has most of the features locked and we can only access our in-store/company systems and nothing else).

Guy: So could you tell me what the benefit is to pre-ordering the game here instead of another retailer?

Me: Well for starters, we're doing the early release tonight and I don't believe other retailers are. And you get [insert premium DLC items] for reserving the title through us.

Guy: thinks for a second Okay, that all sounds fine.

Me: Great, did you want to reserve it? You can pay it off in full and come pick it up in a couple hours.

Guy: Well what would I get if I pre-ordered it through [other tech retailer]?

Me: Uh... I don't know? You'd have to check with them.

Guy: You couldn't look it up when you looked up what I get for doing it here?

Me: ??? Sir, I only have access to our company's systems. I can't look up the other retailers stock or information.

Guy: You can Google it. That's a computer.

Me: Sir... This is our company point of sale. I... I can't just Google [other retailers] why would they let me do that?

Guy: I want to know if it's worth it to get it here before I do it. Can't you just Google it on your phone?

Me: tired of this Can't you?

Thankfully he realized after a bit of back and forth that he was being stupid and ended up reserving with us AND coming to pick it up at the early release but... Damn.

 -- karasulf







Misty Meanor

I swear he must've done that on purpose!

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