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Entitled Customers: "This is terrible service!"



From  GoKillTheLights, Tales From Retail:

This story isn’t too extreme but it’s an example of the type of people I deal with on a day to day basis.

I work in a phone shop which acts as more of a broker, selling contracts for all the major networks. Now as we sell for multiple companies anything relating to the network has to be taken up directly with the network which to most people is common sense.

I had this exchange with a customer the other day. I’ll be (M) and all the customer is (C).

M: Hi there, how can I help?

C: Yeah, I’d like to close my account with (mobile network)

M: Certainly, let me get you their number so you can give them a calm

C: Call them?

M: Yes, we don’t have access to any of (mobile network’s) systems so you’ll have to contact them directly

C: But I bought the phone from you, I want you to do it

M: Yes, we supplied the phone but the contract you took out is with (mobile network), anything relating to the network has to be done directly with them

(This is the point where I stopped caring about trying to help the customer as I could tell from their expression and tone that they were getting angry)

C: So I’ve come all this way and you won’t do it for me?

M: (With slightly condescending smile) Yes it would seem so... Now let me go get that phone number for you

C: (Huffing and puffing) Forget it, I already have the number. I’m going to have to spend all afternoon on hold to them now. This is terrible service!

M: Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Then they left and I went on about my day. Honestly though, why would you not at least google how to close and account before setting off anyway?

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They knew how to do it... they didn't want to.

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